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SDSG Educates Interns About Renewable Resources

Gunnison Country Times, August 1, 2013

Nurseit Baizhanov

Nurseit Baizhanov

From the plains of central Asia to the mountains of Colorado, an exchange of ideas is taking place. That exchange could alter the future of how a country on the other side of the globe evolves economically, as it moves away from non-renewable resources to green technology. For almost three weeks, Nurseit Baizhanov, a lawyer from Kazakhstan, has been interning with the Sustainable Development Strategies Group (SDSG) — a non-profit agency headed by local attorney Luke Danielson. Please read the whole article here.

 Small Operation Strives for Big Impact

Charles Afeku & Kristi Disney (front), Luke Danielson & Dominic Gambino (back)

As the mining industry attempts to clean up its act on a global scale, a group of ambitious legal eagles are leading the charge from their modest headquarters located in downtown Gunnison. The Sustainable Development Strategies Group (SDSG) is the brainchild of local attorney Luke Danielson. Read more Small Operation Strives for Big Impact. Gunnison Country Times, July 8, 2010




Dust on Snow

 Dust Deposition on Snow: Summer 2010 intern Dominic Gambino in Gunnison Country Times For more information about Dust Deposition on Snow go to




   United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, Addis Ababa, 2010

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