Libraries & Databases

Gunnison Sustainable Living Library

SDSG is deeply committed to providing community members with the information need to live sustainably. To that end, we have created the Gunnison Sustainable Living Library containing a list of references for materials on sustainable building, development, energy, water use and adaptation to climate change, in addition to several downloadable documents. Many of these references and documents were provided by Gunnison Valley citizen, Ralph “Butch” Clark III.


sustainable development information

Explore many linked resources about sustainable development and how it pertains to: natural resources, government, the private sector, civil society and indigenous peoples.

Community Development Agreements (CDA) Library

SDSG is establishing a public library of materials related to Community Development Agreements (CDA) between resource companies and local communities. Some of these may also involve government at the national or local levels.

This is an area of considerable current interest, and the goal of this library project is to allow sharing of experience and actual models from different countries and regions.


Model Mining Development Agreement (MMDA) Project

The MMDA is a collection of examples from existing mine development agreements and other materials that are designed to help negotiators and drafters by stimulating them to think about some of the difficult issues of legality, fairness, and balance presented by large foreign natural resource investment, particularly in developing countries.

Dust Deposition on Snow

Here you will find an assortment of information pertaining to the occurrences of dust-on-snow. This is not a source of original material but rather a combination of excerpts from scientific and popular press articles as well as a portal to a plethora of valuable information.